PROPOSED: New Britain-Waterbury Busway

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From the New Britain Herald



BRISTOL — Among the options under consideration for improving transportation in Central Connecticut is a second busway that would run between New Britain and Waterbury.

While it’s not known whether experts will endorse another busway that would be more than twice as long as the $600 million CTfastrak project now under way between New Britain and Hartford, its inclusion as an alternative means it could wind up as the preferred option.

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Lets just waste more taxpayer money why don't we????????? I really do hope people wake up around election time.

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Well, this is just for a study, so I hope it dies quietly.


In reality I sure hope that rail is the chosen option and that we can build something integrated with the NH-H-S Commuter rail


If we could do that the extended transit network would be awesome!  Especially so if there is a rail stop at Bradley


Busway is just insane and whomever thought the first one a good idea should be tried for treason :)

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