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The decline of North Carolina?


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An editorial in the New York Times talks about how the newly republican control government in North Carolina (first republican controlled general assembly since the reconstruction era) has begun to dismantle in a few months what has taken years to build in making North Carolina one of the hotbeds for growth in the south. The article zeros in on North Carolina being the only state in the U.S. where extended federal unemployment benefits have ended. 70,000 people in NC abruptly lost their unemployment benefits because of heartless decisions made in Raleigh. Something tells me Governor Pat McCrory will be voted out next election and he can count on 70,000 of them voting him out. 



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And the thousands of split tickets that voted McCrory also. I'm ready for a Governor Foxx


I wish Erskine Bowles wanted the job.  But the Governorship is only a small part of it. 

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Bowles is a failed politician. His work under the Clinton administration was not enough to win statewide races a decade ago. The dems need to run some new blood. Someone who appears to be outside the Hunt/Easley/Purdue sphere of influence.


I would love to see either Brad Miller or Charles Meeker give it a shot.

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So it looks like Clay Aiken may actually be for real...




I actually live in the 2nd district, in Cary which is considered a swing area within the district (not that it matters b/c the rest of the district is so deeply red) so I'm a bit curious as to the prospects for Clay. If nothing else it will make for an interesting election!

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I'm skeptical about Clay's chances, but I do think it is possible for a democrat to compete in that district.


He would have to go out of his way to bill himself as a competent, nuanced candidate and distance himself very quickly from being "that American Idol guy". If his campaign fails to do that and do that early, he will lose spectacularly. It is a strongly red district, and I am concerned that people will react negatively to the idea of a game show celebrity in politics. That does buy him some name recognition though and if he can use that chance to put out a coherent and well-thought-out message, then he has a realistic chance.

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