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Safest place to live is in the city

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jas49503    62,0,4446010.story


apparently, living in the city is safer than anywhere else, including, maybe surprisingly, the suburbs. This is in spite of all the gun wielding maniacs running around, which don't seem to affect gun related deaths which were found to be the same between rural and city dwellers.

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fakkelsey    5

A very interesting read. However, so much of it, as the latter of the article pointed out, is the FEEL of safety. Every one knows you are more apt to die in a high speed collision in the country than in the city limits, but for strolling around, many people fear the city. I guess it is one thing to know one area is more risky than another for certain injuries,  but it is another to wonder if the next person you see on the street is about to rob you at gun point. I guess it is not so much the stats, but the intentional crime that scares people away, though often much more rare than believed by country folk. It is the thoughts or ideas that someone might be be after you that many cannot get out of their heads. It is the fear of what may be lurking around every corner.


I can relate to some degree, more so at night, though I enjoy the more quiet feel in most neighborhoods during this time. However, to be honest, for me, it is the woods in the country that scare me to death at night time. LOL  It is the unknown or unseen, the thing that is about to attack, that always seems to drive the fear of many people.


At any rate, a very neat read. Stats are a funny thing though. Even if the stats were one in a million but you were that one, what do the stats mean to you. ? LOL  Thank you very much for posting the article.

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