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List of Current Housing Developments Downtown


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Here you go:






A little help? I started this map in early 2009 and used it during my reporting days to track the progress of downtown development. It has been viewed 32,000+ times. It hasn't been updated in some time, but I would be happy to open this up to allow others to contribute, update, collaborate as a factual resource. Message me if this is your sort of thing. I want to make sure we don't delete anything on this, but update it/improve it to reflect changes that have taken place (or been proposed) in recent years. --Chris Knape
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Its getting increasingly difficult to keep track of all housing developments announced ... planned ... under construction ... recently completed.


Who here wants to give this a shot?  


Begin! :)


Knock yourself out! :)


Actually I compiled a list, including every project in downtown. It's pretty time consuming, I don't know how I feel about just sharing it for WOODTV to publish.

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