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Stone Avenue at Main Street mixed use project.


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Man....development is booming downtown:

Charleston-based The Beach Company has plans for its second project in less than a year after announcing a 348-unit apartment community on Church Street last November.

The newest one will take up the corner of Stone Avenue and North Main Street, on what has long been marketed as the Town Gate property.

The roughly 4.5-acre tract is now under contract, though exactly what will go there is still in the planning stages, said Dan Doyle, the firm’s vice president of development.

“We’re very early in the process and we have a long way to go, but we’re very excited about it,” Doyle said.

Doyle said the Stone at Main project will have the mix of homes and commercial space prescribed in the Stone Avenue master plan.

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Very exciting times for Stone Avenue.


Now if only we could get some movement on that Stone/Church/Wade Hampton triangle. It has so much potential.


I believe that inner triangle, according to the Master Plan is suppose to be a plaza type thing.




Two announcements for Stone in less than a week. Sounds good!

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We all know that City is pursuing grocery stores for the Stone Ave./North Main area.  Probably wishful thinking, but the new, smaller, Whole Foods store format would work well in this area (especially this project).  Really looking forward to watch this area take shape...   





This is moving forward. City is putting a lot of focus on this at the moment.



Construction slated to start around the end of the year.


So, Whole Foods is confirmed to be building in the Towngate Property that Beach Company is building? And Beach Company is starting this project by the end of 2014? Just want to verify. Not very clear from postings. 

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North Main community meeting on 9/10 or 11, on the new Stone and Rowley  project.  Apparently the number of residential units is risingg from 51 in the original project to 71. 


Beach must be planning on a garage to satisfy parking then. 

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