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Keeler Building - 56 North Division


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I wonder if GRCC or Kendall has ever looked at this building to expand their campuses.  One thing that hurts this building's redevelopment is the lack of parking.  The lot on the south side of this building would be a perfect spot for a ramp that could be shared with the Civic theater.


Another building I wonder about is the Michigan Bell/ AT&T building to the north.  Is that fully utilized or is it mostly empty?

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I hope that gets fixed before ArtPrize. We cant just have a huge amount of sidewalk on Division unusable like that.


Whose responsibility was it to keep that sidewalk in good repair anyway?

Rest assured, the construction pace will be blistering for the next couple of weeks. They'll get 'er done.


Fulton by SCMC has been a mess all summer. This lane closed, then that one. Suddenly the bus shelter top is in place, everything's cleaned up...and there's a new coffee & art place opening just in time for you-know-what.

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It seems like the entire sidewalk around this disgrace is just getting worse. There is now a fence on both Fountain and along the entire Division side of this building, making the entire sidewalk next to it unusable and has been for a while. This is on top of the fact that 99% of the building seems to be unused.


Is there any indication that the city is ready to bring the hammer down on the people that are obviously not doing anything with this place, other than letting it rot and become an even bigger eyesore? This is simply becoming a farce.

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You know, it's not the most unattractive building downtown but it is a bit nondescript.  Is there any historical significance to it?  


For example, isn't the Michigan Bell/AT&T building across the street supposed to be haunted?


Keeler was built to be an exhibition space (like Waters) for big furniture expos in 1912 and 1914, with the intention of converting it to offices afterward.


A quick primer on the Michigan Bell building is here.  I've never come across any actual first-hand accounts.

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