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More Accolades for Nashville

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2 hours ago, markhollin said:

A bit more info announced for Ken Burns' 8-part film, "Country Music," to premier on PBS in fall of 2019.  There will be quite a bit of backstory shown regarding Nashville's place in the midst of that history, especially around theGrand Ole Opry, and the various artists based here.  A short clip is in the story below. Should be fantastic, as all of Burns' documentaries usually win multiple Emmys.  


Does it take us up to the Taylor Swift era when Country Music died ? 

Okay, I’ll stop. ;)



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38 minutes ago, nashvylle said:

Birmingham has a lot of good things going for it. Was there earlier this year. 

It does and it doesn't. Has great bones downtown and some awesome restaurants. Much higher crime than us though and little corporate momentum. I think the article nailed what their biggest problem is, the people in the suburbs and surrounding areas practically root against downtown succeeding - no consolidated coordination.

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5 minutes ago, tragenvol said:

Not my personal favorite either, but how about this to dispel any confusion....he was asked where Nashville would be without the Country Music Industry.

I know, just taking a gratuitous potshot at what passes for Country Music today.

Birmingham has a swish new intermodal station and is getting true BRT. So ...

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Thought I posted earlier, but can't find my post about taking my youngest son to Birmingham during a long weekend in October. I've been several times but always on business. So we kicked around the whole city and I must say we had a great time. A great place to start your visit is at Vulcan Park. The museum tells a thorough history of the area and the view from the pedestal of the statue shows how the city is laid out. Downtown has a lot of great old buildings, including some of the earliest skyscrapers in the South. All around there's lots of evidence that the city is rebuilding its infrastructure and a lot of rehabbing of those old buildings. I understand the Ham is also becoming a foodie town, but (aside from Dreamland) we ate at the chains my son picked (Cheesecake Factory and J. Alexanders) :tw_dissapointed:.  Overall, I came away favorably impressed.  I think that NY Times article borders on the mean w.r.t. B'ham. 

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