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Federal Courthouse, 6 & 8 stories, 276,000 sq. ft., spring 2021 completion

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This thing is taking forever.  Has a building ever qualified for the Historical Registry before it was completed?

A new rendering:  

Today this evening.  ALL RISE!!! 

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2 hours ago, MLBrumby said:

I seem to remember that the feds want that for future expansion. If the time it took to build this much tells us anything, they’ll get around to building phase 2 sometime around 2120.

Someone might as well erect a sign for that parking lot right now that says "Future site of the Space Crimes Wing."

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12 hours ago, markhollin said:

Steel superstructure topped out across entire project now. Stone facade nearly complete on west and north sides. 

Looking SW from intersection of 7th Ave. North and Church St:

Fed Courthouse, Oct 19, 2019, 1.jpg


Dang.  that is a huge street sigh in the middle of the building.   questionable design idea though. ... is what my brain said at first glance.  :dontknow:

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On 10/21/2019 at 5:18 AM, markhollin said:

Steel superstructure topped out across entire project now. Stone facade nearly complete on west and north sides. 

Looking SE from intersection of Church St. and Rosa Parks Blvd:

Fed Courthouse, Oct 19, 2019, 6.jpg


Steel is now starting to rise from the ground level on the final south-facing section of the building.    

Just curious, but as I was crossing 8th/Rosa Parks the other day, which is the angle in the photo above, it hit me that it might have made more sense in the long view to position the main entrance (the plaza and dome entrance) of such a grand civic structure to face the more prominent intersection of Church and Rosa Parks, rather than the smaller Church/7th intersection.      Of course, when the courthouse site was first designed many eons ago, none of the development to the west along Church St (Nashville Yards/Amazon, Asurion, etc. ) or directly across Rosa Parks (Nash Yards, 127 Rosa Parks) was on the table and the central business district sort of "stopped" at what was then a pretty desolate Rosa Parks Blvd.      If I were the architect designing the courthouse today, I would have the plaza and entrance facing the Rosa Parks/Church St intersection.   Imagine the impact as you enter downtown along the Church St viaduct, passing the towers of Asurion, Amazon, Nashville Yards, AEG and then, boom, the grand Federal Courthouse facing you at Rosa Parks.      Ah well.      



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Is there any parking for this other than the surface lot? Seems odd to not have any secure parking within the building.

I worked for a bit at the federal courthouse in KC which was built in 1998. It has a completely separate "circulation system" for the judges and court personnel including a separate parking garage entrance, secure parking area, and separate elevators. One of the judges even mentioned how isolating it was compared to the overcrowded and bustling courthouse that they moved from which was built in 1939 where they had to use the public restrooms.

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1 hour ago, titanhog said:

As far as federal buildings go...pretty handsome.  

It really is... I cannot tell you how much I despised the first renderings of this project, but now, I am actually excited to see how this turns out.  Crazy!

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On 10/12/2019 at 4:34 PM, Andy20 said:

They are expanding  a courthouse in Charlotte, NC in a similar way to how they may expand this courthouse.

and of the lead architects is a UT grad.  Our expansion is more of a classical design it is a very tall 9 story addition with lots of steel. 

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5 hours ago, Nash_12South said:

Not sure if that's a compliment....Other than the 5th Ave side, the Hilton does a bad job of engaging with the street. Of course the same will be true of the Federal Courthouse, but that will be on purpose. 

Just talking about color scheme and tall windows.

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