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A few reasons: one, the Dick Nunis era at UCF has passed; two, UCF has essentially accomplished the goal of making itself into a "real" campus at long last, thus removing the "commuter" stigma that dogged it for so long; three, it makes an excellent transition as they look for continued funding for the proposed downtown campus.


At the end of the day, UCF wants to be perceived as an urban institution (that gives it something UF and FSU will never have). Tying itself back into Orlando as our downtown builds the infrastructure over time to become a second-tier and, dare we dream, a first-tier city can only assist in that, I think.

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It also makes sense in that UCF has the med school in a medical city, Rosen off I Drive and now the opportunity to move Business, Public Affairs, and maybe one day a law school all downtown.

They could keep the Sciences and Engineering in Orange County to tie in with the Research Park and have the rest of the campus serve as Gen Ed.

Is actually a pretty nice setup and if they were all connected by premium transit.

Ok I'll calm down now.

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