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Question about railroad repair debris.

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A few years ago, the railroad needed to repair their line behind where I work. My employer granted them access permission for equipment and a staging area.. Now there are old railroad tracks (probably about 40) sitting outback on my employer's property in a overgrown field. My employer doesn't want them and the railroad has left them there for the past 5+ years. I want to scrap them and understand I would need a permit. 


My question is, how would I go about getting a permit, talking to the required person/s, and making it all legit so I can bring them to scrap?

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Depends on who owns the track / track material. If your employer owns the track, they can give you paperwork. The RR may still own it. In that case you will not get permission to scrap it.


The scrap yards will NOT take RR material without paperwork from the owner. IIf someone shows up with RR material and no paperwork, they will just turn you away if you are lucky or call the cops to report possible stolen material.  To my knowledge they will only write a check to the owner, no cash is issued.


RR track material is easlly stolen so the scrap yards are fussy about what they buy and document what they get and from who.


I'm pretty familiar with the RR's in West MI. I've also trucked RR material to the scrap yard. PM me the particulars and I'll advise you who owns it and how to get permission if possible.

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