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Hyatt Hotel

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"Downtown Asheville could soon be getting another luxury hotel. City officials got a first look at the proposed plans for a Hyatt Plaza Hotel on the corner of Haywood Street.


The finished hotel would be seven stories tall with 144 rooms. There will be a restaurant and lounge area on the first floor and space for a potential bar on the 7th floor. Charlotte developer, RBA Group, presented the plans to the city today. 


This is the second time this week a new hotel is proposed for downtown Asheville. On Monday, McKibbon Hotel Group announced its plans to turn the BB&T building into a hotel space.


The Hyatt Plaza Hotel will be built across the street from the Hotel Indigo. There are also plans to build a third hotel in the same area, this one across from the Basilica.


The Hyatt Plaza Hotel plans are still in the preliminary stages. News 13 is told it will be some time before anything is finalized."

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orulz    106

Like Indigo, Clearly they are interested in this location because of its visibility and super-easy access from I-240.


The site plan is up on Development Mapper.


It occupies the old restaurant lot, the gravel lot next door, and the lot with the 1-story brick office building next to that. There will be what looks like a two-level parking deck at the western end of the lot. I'm not really sure where the entrace will be (Facing the parking lot? Haywood Street? The Montford/Haywood corner?)

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archiham04    417

Charlotte Architects crack me up!  Nice, flat elevations completely ignore the one-story height difference from Montford Ave to the parking lot entrance.  I wonder if the first floor will be 5 feet tall on the montford side, eliminating any hope for pedestrian friendly retail frontage there, or 35' at the parking lot side, extending the overall height of the building to 7 stories and 89 feet + 15 feet = 104 feet!?!?!?!  hmmmmmm..... mistake or slight of hand?  The planner will have to concede either street frontage sensitivity or building height.  Launch NIMBY-ism now... 

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