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Wishing Smeagolsfree the best...


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Good morning, all


I wanted to pin a quick topic to wish Smeagolsfree the best in health in the time to come. As previously announced, he will be stepping back from his role here on the forum. We view this, generally, as a bad thing. Reason being, he is Nashville's single greatest repository of knowledge when it comes to ownership, upcoming projects, and general data on the city.


Timmay and I will continue moderation as has been the case for a month or so.


Feel free to leave Ron any notes that will help him through his illness, and we look forward to you kicking it's ass and coming back soon.

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Ron, I just started posting a week or so ago but I've been reading your posts and looking over the development map for quite a while. I have a great appreciation for your dedication and the passion you have for this city! Sending good karma your way and wishing you nothing but the best!

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I can't imagine how the Nashville site on Urban Planet could ever have a moderator of your equal.  Your dedication to improving this site is unparalleled and a great achievement.  You have provided great information and great entertainment for so many.  We all love you, Ron, and wish you a speedy and complete recovery.  I look forward to my next visit to a forum meeting (probably October) and hope that you will be able to attend and provide the definitive scoop on development on in Nashville.

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