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Favorite Remote Working Spot?


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I recently started a new job working from home, a lot of my other co-workers (based in chicago) try to make it a point to work away from home a few times a month at a nearby cafe or something to change it up.


I was wondering if anyone on here has recommendations or spots they love to get work done from outside the office around orlando? I live over by UCF but don't mind taking a ride near downtown/winter park. Trying to avoid Panera's or Starbucks if possible. Thanks!

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I studied for a couple board exams at The Drunken Monkey and Stardust for 8-10 hours a day for a solid 6 months back in 2009.   Love the soups at Drunken Monkey... I've been back to both places since moving more recently and they both seem to be the same as they were.  I imagine the GeekEasy by Fullsail would be a nice place to go to during the day now too.  I've also worked/written for work at Leu Gardens, Blue Springs (though not a short drive at all), and the Central Library.  

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