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The Racial Dot Map:




Zoom in on Charlotte and I bet you can easily identify the "in-demand" areas of the city.  While there are strong racial undertones to what is shown, it also very clearly demonstrates our population densities (at least what they were 3 years ago).

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I've seen maps like this before. The most amazing designator of a race boundary that I've seen is 8-mile road (of course, the street popularized by Eminem and other rappers) in Detroit. It's amazing - it's like black and white, literally.On the south side of 8-mile, it's 90% black, and on the north side, it's 90% white. Zoom into Detroit and you'll see where 8-mile road is even if you don't have the labels on. It's incredibly obvious. It's just stunning how much of a difference being on the "other side of the tracks" makes the racial makeup so different. Of course I'm not trying to say anything remotely racist in this post, but it is fascinating to see such a difference depending on what side of the street you live on. It's tough to believe in today's society that these artificial boundaries still really exist.

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