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Memphis Construction Photos

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Here are pictures from the Raleigh Town Center Development Library, probably the nicest in Memphis outside of the Central Library Overall photo of lake and police and traffic pre

Convention Center looking much brighter and open along main

Here we go we score a nice on in Midtown on Union http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2015/10/06/defunct-midtown-hotel-coming-down-for-national.html  

Posted Images

Silo Square/Town Center 

Theres a few shops open and loft apartments above the buildings already occupied. There's cottage homes under construction.  This project it massive and will change that side of Southaven to something completely different. There's so much land that's prepped for construction.  Even near by areas are building mid rises. I caught a "coming soon" board of a Tekila Mexican restaurant thats planning to open, that will have a rooftop.  Both the Lake District and SiloSquare have Instagrams for construction updates




































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1 hour ago, VSRJ said:

I can't wait until conventions and similar events are able to resume. I think this is going to be a stellar option for mid-sized events. TravelCon has already selected the facility for its 2022 event: https://travelcon.org/

Yeah, I drove by it the other day and it looks really good.  I don't know if it will ever be possible, but I hope that one day,  the Convention Center could expand in between Front St and the Wolf River Lagoon.  That way we'd be at a size that could compete nationally for 90-95% of all conventions.  

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The design does create a much more impressive street presence and safe pedestrian realm given the prior condition. The Front Street and Riverside Improvements may be even more impressive than Main Street given what they looked like before the renovation. I would like to see the above photos in a before and after comparison along with photos of the Front and Riverside elevations.

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On 3/17/2021 at 2:25 PM, VSRJ said:

I hope the Pinch District receives the development it so desperately needs. It has so much potential. I just don't understand why it's taking so long.

Yes, this area is desolate and really needs development.  Anything would help.  It's taking forever because of the current weak market conditions.   

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On 3/17/2021 at 2:25 PM, VSRJ said:

I hope the Pinch District receives the development it so desperately needs. It has so much potential. I just don't understand why it's taking so long.

Yes, right between St. Jude and The Pyramid.  Next to the Convention center and the bridge to Mud Island.  Probably doesn't help that St Jude is completely gated off, and the Pyramid is down the Bluff.  Regardless, it's still a prime location.  I wish the Pyramid bridge over the tracks wouldn't have been torn down.  Hopefully the city builds the new walkway soon.  Intrator's group owns pretty much everything now that St. Jude doesn't, so it's all in their hands.  

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Looks like things are starting to crank in downtown Memphis.  Hopefully it will build momentum. The video of 100 Main is sad, but I hope it works.  I've always thought that rooftop "saucer" was always absurd looking but I must admit now it's got a kitschy coolness to it.  Sterrick is also a real worry. I hope it is not demolished.  It could be a symbol for the city with the "M" bridge.

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17 hours ago, Memphis4ever said:

Aloft Hotel downtown building out the final bar and rooftop area.  Looks nice with LED strips on at night.




Glad that the Tenoke building was saved and will be put to a good use.  Seems like forever ago, when I drove by and first noted the scaffolding around the building as consruction started.  Crazy that it resembles nothing of its original appearance, as it started out as a warehouse.



tenoke bldg.jpg

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