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EV Charging Stations For Suburban And Rural Communities

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Well, it's been some time since I last posted here (although I've been a reader on and off).

Most of my readings and posts are all in here in the Treehuggers Lounge.

On my spare time I happen to be a car nut, and in the market for a new set of wheels, my current VW has over 100k miles on it and I have been dying to get an EV to use as a primary car and keep the VW as a beater for bigger trips (inlaws w the kids).

So the point of this story / post is that obviously there aren't yet all that many EV charging stations out their - chargepoint has been doing a great job, sadly Ecotality went bust - but, for me living in and around NYC I found a nice little company that it looks like is doing EV charging stations / network for the great new england area, which means I and anyone else may be able to get an EV and no longer have an excuse not to visit the inlaws.


Check them out - Pace Charging.


If anyone here has had any first hand pros and cons about driving an EV, let me know, would be interested to hear.

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Two counties just south of Nashville have quite a decent charging station program. Of course it helps that Nissan's NA HQs are in one county and it's largest auto plant is in the other (which produces the Leaf). They seem to get quite a bit of use anytime I pass one and I see Leafs (Leaves?) everywhere. One car and company that I've been very impressed with is Tesla. Elon Musk has done amazing things with that company and is a true visionary. His Supercharger program looks very promising as well. 

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