Hall Street Bakery - SE corner Hall and Fuller

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organsnyder    172

That's the location for the second Wealthy St Bakery location (it will have a different name). I think it's been discussed here, but a quick bit of searching isn't bringing up the thread. It's received a fair amount of coverage in local media.

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wmrharris    26

I'm curious about the construction/renovations that are happening on this building.   I think it's been empty for a number of years. 




The beauty shop went under four years ago or so (it was a very nice addition when it first went in). The property is now being quite nicely redeveloped into the Hall Street Bakery by David LaGrand. Fwiw, the real time of latency for the building was in the 80s and 90s when the upstairs was rented but there was no commercial enterprise below. Then came Reflections, and they actually thrived there for a time.

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GR_Urbanist    413

I was there a few weeks ago.


I was frankly stunned by it. I used to live around the corner back in the 80s and 90s, and I would have never imagined they could have turned it into something so beautiful. It is easily the equal of the Wealthy st. location.


I only wish the building was at the intersection of Giddings and Hall where this could have reinvigorated that entire mini business district. But it will do some major good stabilizing the corner where it is.

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