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800 North Orange | 4-Story Office [Under Construction]


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4-story 15000 sq ft office building with surface parking.

**Breaking ground by January**



I don't care much for the surface lot, but it's office space - and increased density in an area that is close to the tipping point.  If The Sevens gets built (I'll believe it when I see it) and the hotel gets put in across the street, the Uptown/Ivanhoe area will have a very similar make up to the Eola South/Thornton Park area - a swath of apartment dwellers near an old neighborhood with a lake/park and local shopping/nightlife district. With the improved visibility that comes with being on Orange and an audience that is walled off on two sides by Colonial and I4, I think first floor dining and retail will thrive here compared to the rotating problems on S Eola drive. Plus there's still a lot of undeveloped property on the other side of Magnolia and some cool old buildings that could be re-purposed (OUC bldg, WDBO bldg). It's easy to forget how close this area is to the two growing hip/artsy sections of town (Mills 50, Ivanhoe/Virginia) as well.  I'm bullish on Uptown being an option for those that feel they have outgrown the CBD apartments and surrounding 21-25yo-centric nightlife, but still want urban living

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I would definitely welcome more of these small buildings throughout the neighborhoods. They can take the forms of residential, office, retail, theatre/educational space, a boutique hotel, etc. It reminds me of some you would see throughout Chicago's North Side or even South Beach. 

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Nice!  The parking situation is a little suburban and the design is...well, Baker Barrios.  But overall I think it's a great addition to the area.


Can't wait for Sevens to bring more people to the area, and for the Lymmo expansion to bridge the gap between uptown and downtown.

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Google the address, then view the "cached" version.


Ah, perfect, thanks!  The attached screen shots from the site show the area and the following developments:

  • Winter 2012: SteelHouse (4 stories, 326 units)
  • Spring 2014: NORA (6 stories, 246 units)
  • Fall 2014: Orange & Colonial Hotel (7 stories, 138 rooms)
  • Fall 2014: 800 North Orange (17,000 sq ft)
  • 2015: The Sevens (7 and 10 stories, 310 units)

Overall, 882 units, 138 hotel rooms, and 17,000 sq ft of office within three years.



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