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Augusta Manor

sc smitty

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The property of the Wilkins house on Augusta St (currently Augusta Manor wedding & events venue) is up for rezoning at next month's planning commission meeting.  I just received confirmation that the new owner plans to demolish the old house to build an assisted living facility.  I live just around the corner from this home, and I think it would be a shame to lose another important piece of Greenville history.  The developer is planning a neighborhood meeting just a few days before the planning commission meets.  I'm trying to find out more info before that, and hope there will be enough opposition to prevent destruction of this landmark.  There's no reason any new development couldn't incorporate the existing house as an asset to the property.




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The developer presented their plans for the site at the neighborhood meeting last night.  They definitely plan to tear down the house, and did not seem very open to the idea of preserving it as part of the development in any way.  They tried to play up the fact that the zoning change from commercial to office is less intense and would be better for the neighborhood.  Several other neighbors have concerns where the new development abuts the existing residential areas, with parking and a new driveway directly across from existing homes, but I find the most objectionable part is the disregard for the historic fabric of our neighborhood.  This is one of the most significant historic structures in the area, and is not in disrepair at all.  It is unfortunate that a developer from out of town is willing to destroy that just to make a buck.  Hopefully there will be enough people concerned to oppose this. Attached is their proposed plan.

site plan.pdf

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I certainly hope it won't be demolished. I'm surprised that there's not some other land parcel of this size nearby for the project.

Seems like there is still plenty of vacant land nearby on Church St heading into downtown. I've also heard that the YWCA property on Augusta will be going up for sale.

Do you have a link to any pictures?

There are a couple historic photos in the book 'Greenville's Augusta Rd' by Kelly Lee Odum. See page 102 of the book here on Google books:


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I was at the Planning Commission meeting last week.  They expressed a desire to save the house, but felt it was not part of the decision they had to make.  The rezoning still has to be approved by City Council. Hopefully they will see the importance of protecting this piece of Greenville history, and that they have the power to do something about it.  Many people from the historic preservation community are actively working together to seek solutions for how to preserve the house, but it will still take a lot of public support.  A facebook page has been set up to help gather support:


I had a chance to join them in touring the house before the meeting last week.  This building is in very good condition, and even more impressive inside than it appears from the exterior.  It would be a shame to get rid of it.  Here are several photos I took last week:


IMG_0203 by scsmitty, on Flickr
IMG_0190 by scsmitty, on Flickr
IMG_0182 by scsmitty, on Flickr
IMG_0176 by scsmitty, on Flickr
IMG_0136 by scsmitty, on Flickr


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Someone should remove the paint from this old house and expose the beautiful brick and stone walls. It was more attractive before the paint.


A good view of the front elevation before the paint was captured in a photo posted on GreenvilleDailyPhoto.com courtesy of the Greenville Historical Society.



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An online petition has been set up asking the city council to require preservation of the home as part of any new development plans.



The next city council meeting is a week from today, so we need as many signatures from Greenville residents as possible.


Last Friday was the last day for the previous tenant, so I went back in to get more photographs.  The site now has 'No Trespassing' signs posted.

DSC_5548 by scsmitty, on Flickr

DSC_5392 by scsmitty, on Flickr
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