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This just needs to go.........buildings we want to go away


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we always talk on here about new construction, future plans, and ideas for the future, and what old buildings should be saved and preserved, or even ones we lost that we wish we didn't, but what about buildings that we would love to see demolished?

I'll start. 


the downtown Best Western at Union and 7th.

I understand the need for lower priced hotels downtown, but his is a interstate exit in teh middle of nowhere motel.  

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The Comfort Inn (former Shoneys Inn...maybe something else now) on Demonbreun...I've always hated that thing.


The Beaman dealerships on Broadway are an obvious choice...the Hampton Inn on Elliston is horrible too...


I think I could go on and on, but these would be a good start.  To be honest with you, it's not the businesses I have a problem with either.  I just hate the buildings they occupy.  If each one of those simply rebuilt at their current location in a much more neighborhood and space conscious manner, I'd be fine with it. 

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