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Still Missing Dave Luna....


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Well, it's been almost 2 years now since we lost our member, and co-founder of this group, Dave Luna. Dave passed away January 2012. Our first meeting as a group happened 9 years ago this coming fall. It was myself, Dave, Ron, WW, and Todd  over at Frothy Monkey. We had one previous meet that spring with myself (Doormanpoet) , Dave (It's Just Dave), Justin (Dallas Texan), Tyson (Rural King), Mike (Keldane), and our friend Nashvols (you know him as UT Grad 09). There may have been one more.


I have a slow day at work, so I was reading some of Dave's old posts today, and I am reminded of his optimism and how he would be amazed in what has happened only 2 years since his passing. Believe it or not, I still miss him greatly. I won't forget the day we tried to climb the smokestack on Rolling Mill Hill while Ron was playing Mr. Photog taking pictures, and WW was afraid of getting his new hip shoes dirty, so only Dave and I tried to climb the smokestack on the rusty stair rungs on the inside! We did not get very far, and we laughed more than anything. I wanted to make it to the top so Ron could take a pic as I was yelling down at him.


Dave was my friend, and some ways a mentor. He was not a mentor in the sense of life skills, or business, but in enthusiasm and pride in the city, so I guess in some way life skills as well. He was a great historian and a better story teller. Someday I will tell you the Sheraton Hotel story before it first opened as a Hyatt back in 1975! Let's just say, the place was not finished yet, and he was sitting on the roof with his legs hanging off the edge 28 stories above the sidewalk while he was entertaining a young lady he knew at the time!  (He used to joke and say, Yes John, it was a lady!) He loved his garden, and when he showed it to me on one of our Saturday drives, I was amazed. I mourn the fact he never got to see my new place. We talked about having a forum meet at my place on the community deck once I moved downtown. He would have loved the sweeping view.


Dave was always happy, enthusiastic, and full of life, and no matter how many towers we get, the city will always have a void without him. Someway, or somehow, we as a group should get a street named after him and call it Dave Luna Place, with his photo and a plaque reminding us of how fragile life is, and how  enthusiasm for it is the best way to live.


Whether we get a certain development , or no matter how things go on the job, or whether the Titans get a coach that can win, the point is to stay enthusiastic.


I love you Dave, and I miss you my friend!


Cheers!   :thumbsup:


Urban Architecture A.K.A The Doormanpoet

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Dave had a way with words in just simple, everyday comments that I could only strive for on my best days.


I still think he lives on with the spirit of this city and I am reminded of his eternal optimism every time I ponder Nashville's future.

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Oh man, I didn't realize that he had passed away, I must have been away longer than I realized. I remember when I first joined, his posts were always enjoyed. He had a great since of humor and would leave nice personal messages. I really, really hate to hear that. I'm sure he'd love what has happened to Nashville and would also be touched to know that there is a thread dedicated to his remembrance. 

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It breaks my heart.  He and I would always see eye to eye and his attitude was the best.  Casey and I was at one of the very first meetings and it was because of Dave.

Well said Lexy. Ron may have the photo of Dave at the last meet with us. I think it is in the original thread for his passing in January 2012.

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I never meet Dave in person, but did have some interaction with him on the City Data forum. I found myself always drawn toward his posts and incredible insight. He was a passionate advocate of the city and also of Inglewood and I would have really liked to meet him.

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