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The Hotwives of Orlando


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I know this show is a parody, but them choosing Orlando tells me they are treating it like a joke of a city.

I wouldn't go that far. Orlando has always been a brand without a city in the public's mind, and one that is associated with middle America. It's a bit of a blank slate for comedy writers; it's a prominent punch line in "The Book of Mormon". You couldn't do "Hotwives of Nashville" or "Hotwives of Las Vegas" for that reason: people have strong stereotypes for both cities and each could be plausible settings for a real "Housewives" series. "Hotwives of Charlotte"? People would ask, "Where?". There are no easy targets in the pretty, pleasant Southern city in Central Florida we all know. Now, all that gaudy, tacky development that followed Disney in its wake in the southern parts; perhaps they're on to something. Can't wait to watch!

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