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Grand Theft Auto V on PS3

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What does everyone think of the new GTA 5 game that came out last fall on the PS3? does it meet expectations? or does it fall short? After recently seeing game play clips online along with the falling price of the PS3 console, I'm finally ready to invest in a PS3 along with GTA 5. I think GTA 5 blows GTA San Andreas on the PS2 out of the water. The city area is larger with more streets and more realistic detail. There is even online game play where you can play with friends from anywhere.


The game's developer Rockstar said they had even bigger plans for GTA 5 but as the release date started coming closer and closer, these big ideas didn't make the cut. I'm guessing they will make the cut on GTA 6 on the PS4.



What should GTA 6 be like? I think it will have to blow GTA 5 out of the water.
I like the idea of playing in multiple cities across the country (5 cities) which could make the game play area five times the size of GTA 5. The set up would not be like GTA San Andreas where there are multiple "large" cities on the same map. The five cities I would suggest would be Los Santos (Los Angeles), a new and larger Vice City (Miami), a new larger Liberty City (New York) and fictional versions of Chicago and Washington DC. You could access each city by taking flights at the airport and each city would have its own large independent map with outlying suburbs, towns, beaches, countryside, ect.  You would even be able to select game play from 5 different decades in these cities (1920s, 1950s, 1970s, 1980s and present day)
There would be more graphic detail and you would be able to enter more buildings. I would also like to see a MOD where the cities can grow construct more buildings, decay, ect. I think the ultimate GTA game would be to combine GTA with some elements from the Sim City and Sims games.
some gameplay clips
Grand Theft Auto V screenshots
gameplay area
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