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U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame – an idyll speculation for a snowy day.

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Two can play at this game (I am on a long confrence call)


So, there is an established U.S. Soccer Hall of fame and its located in Oswego N.Y.


The thing is, they closed their doors and they lost their building...






My thought is that Hartford could easily host the HOF.  it is a much more populous area and not so far out of the way from Boston or NY where Oswego is just awkwardly located.


Soccer is a more popular sport today than it was, and that popularity is growing.


Hartford has some significant soccer roots.


My location, Coltsville.


This is for several reasons... 1 there is space there.  2 it is very visable from the highway and therefore can have a simular presense as the Basketball HOF  There is a stadium right next door for any charity type or HOF type games.

there is a nice grassy area acting as the plaze for the factory that can also be used for photo ops and induction ceremonies. etc...





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Part of the issue here is that it was a private thing like not a charity or not for profit


I think if it were approached professionally it would be doable.


And they do have an annual induction.  thats the crazy thing, they just have no place to do it.  I think that if there was a nice home and a reasonably sized one and was run professionally it would be a great boost to the area.


for publicity as well as economically.


and its something that would only gorw in importance over time.


Ohh, another thing

if this were to happen Id say it should also have some space for the Cricket hall of fame so there was some synergies

isnt the squash HOF at trintiy or something too?

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