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CONSTRUCTION THREAD: Perimeter Condominiums - Rhett and Markley

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I talked to one of the owners several months back. At that time they planned to do something different. marketing was stopped on the Perimeter a long while ago. 

The plan when I spoke to him was to do Self Storage in the core with some kind of residential use wrapped around the core.  They were looking at three diffrent residential options. One was smaller sized condos. one was more Active Senior focused and the third option I don't remember. 

Since that time,  the QT  has finished and the Markley Place got new principals and had a huge spike in sales.  Also a Self Storage is proposed for Rhett and O'Neal now. 

If I were them, I would return to the Perimeter concept. It was the right direction it was just a little ahed of its time originally. Markley Street looks totally different now.  It would do fine now, IMO.   

Either way, i would expect something to start happening here soon. The owners also own Markley Station and it is about done, so they can turn there attention to something else now. 

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Thanks for the info. I agree about returning to the Perimeter concept. It was a pretty cool design with retail included. I think it would do well there also. With all that is going on in this area and along Rhett , I wonder when the city will start the next phase of streetscaping along Rhett. Phase one of streetscaping on Rhett turned out fantastic in my opinion.

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