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PROPOSAL: 505 North Main Street mixed use development


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From another forum:

"I called Alvarez Enterprises. He said the current plan is to demolish the building and put in a mixed use, 4 story building with residences above a supermarket. Still working with architects, needs ground testing, approval, etc. Demo might start in April."

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Being the last parcel in the CBD on that end of main I was really hoping when it got redeveloped that it would be a high rise.

Other sites in that vicinity could eventually provide opportunities for high-density redevelopment. Towers East and the municipal court properties immediately come to mind.

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Have you heard anything that says that if this is true that it wouldn't be part of a nice upfit?

Sorry... 'upfit' was not the correct word. Was more so hoping it would be demolished and the mixed use development oriented toward the street that was originally mentioned would be done. Just personal preference though... im sure the current building could be updated and look fine.

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