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The Port of Savannah

Lady Celeste

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Outside of metro Atlanta, the ports of Savannah and Brunswick are quickly becoming economic engines for the state of Georgia. With the expansion of the Panama Canal, they will only continue to grow.


Governor Nathan Deal and Atlanta's mayor Kasim Reed have teamed together to petition the federal government for aid in making the Savannah port a true powerhouse. Mayor Reed of Atlanta is also championing a rail high speed rail line from the port to Atlanta...a logistics hub and home to the world's busiest airport and the world's largest shipping and logistics company, United Parcel Service. In an increasingly global marketplace, I think the partnership between Atlanta and Savannah is VITAL to the success of Georgia. 


In saying that, I will add this article regarding the Port of Savannah.


Feds poised to back Savannah port project


It appears that the Feds are going to back the dredging of the Savannah harbor to accommodate that larger vessels that will soon sail through the Panama Canal. Governor Deal pledges to begin dredging this year of the crucial harbor deepening.




Gov. Nathan Deal said as much during his State of the State address Jan. 15, asking the General Assembly for $35 million to complete the $266 million state share of a project aimed at ensuring the Port of Savannah remains competitive.



This is great news and it will keep the Savannah Port competitive. 



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More evidence to how important the Port of Savannah...and Savannah as a whole...is to Georgia AND Atlanta. 





There have been a string of recent economic announcement based in part to the Port of Savannah.


Read here: http://savannahnow.com/exchange/2014-01-23/announcements-boost-port-numbers#.UuLhzNIo4sY

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