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A new way to look at the north end


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Kinda slow around here lately.  Although I do believe it will pick up with the new construction (actual and proposed) this spring. Besides the two smaller projects moving  forward, Front Street residences, Constitution Plaza residences and, perhaps, Main Street have the potential to transform the downtown housing market.


A little further to the north, the city has a huge tract of empty land. I have always thought that one of the problems was the chaotic street gird.It is obvious on the city map.




To remedy this problem and to make the area more appealing to developers, I would suggest a few changes.

I would extend main street straight north, so what now is Windsor Street becomes an extension of Main and no longer divides the site. Trumbull Street has two possible outcomes. It could terminate at the site. Or it could continue through the site to connect with Albany Ave. (Using a tiny portion of the existing Main Street).   Ann Uccello Street would be straightened over I-84 and meet Albany Ave as a direct connection into and out of the city center.




The impact on traffic flow shouldn't be too great as High and Uccello still provided direct flow into the city and traffic on Main will be directly into the core without merging with Albany traffic as it currently does.


This reconfiguration also adds numerous Main Street addresses deep into the north of the city. This alone should make the addresses more desirable if not more valuable.


If the city decides an updated arena suits the site, it could have a Main Street address and be fitted to suite almost any address (Trumbulll/ Uccella) or orientation. The most important aspect of the new design is that allows the re-imagining of the site and has the scale to fit almost any possibility.


A few businesses at the beginning of the old Main Street would be impacted and would need to be compensated or moved. But this should not be a major disruption to economic interests.

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I agree wholeheartedly with this road adjustment.


I posted on here somewhere a couple years ago a map I made with both a university campus here as well as one with a baseball dimond.


For me, at this point with Uconn going where it is, I think baseball is the way to go.


I think I put it here a dozen times.  very few sports offer the kind of return on investment as baseball (and I am not a fan)

a baseball stadium is relatively cheap, especially when talking about AAA or AA level. 


I think Hartford needs to build a AAA level park here and then fight for an AAA affiliation while maintaining the rockcats.

The bonus is that Hartford could host NCAA regionals alsoor big Uconn Games

Connecticut spent 20 million on the rockcats stadium.  Say they put 30 mill here manbe 40 and you instantly get 5-6000 people per game for 85 home games


read that again... 85 games.


This is why baseball is awesome, it can single handedly create good regular foot traffic in summer months.


I also like an Arena here.


I also think that that triangle near the train tracks over by the train station would be great for either use.

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I've always thought the chaotic street grid in and around downtown has been a big issue. The only smooth transition between downtown and surrounding neighborhoods seems to be on the south.


The ill fated street patterns continued into the 80's with the realignment of Ann Street (it use to be straight). I can't stand what they did to Ann Street. Sometimes I think it was done by design as a way to add some land to downtown north of I-84 while still keeping it separate from the north end. It was also all about getting cars between I-91 and downtown.


Windsor Street use to connect to Main Street as well.


Connecticut Boulevard connected EH and Hartford.


I agree that Ann Street should be straightened and Main Street should be reconnected to Windsor Street along with some other realignments.

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