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Statesboro 5-year Recap: What Recession?

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2,000+ multifamily units

5,800+ multifamily bedrooms

$125-million+ in GSU Construction

$140-million+ in Bulloch County Schools Construction



Above is a link to a blog post I just wrote about Statesboro's growth over the past five years.  I moved to Atlanta in 2009 for grad school at Georgia Tech.  As soon as I left, things started exploding... many of the restaurants I always wanted opened after I left.  Sunday liquor-by-the-drink sales passed after I left too.


Btw - the majority of these developments occured after the 2010 Census was recorded.  In 2010-2011, Statesboro was the 6th fastest-growing micropolitan statistical area in the United States (541 total) and Bulloch County was the 27th fastest-growing county in the US.


For 2010-2012, Statesboro dropped to 19th fastest-growing micro in the US.

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