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25 minutes ago, codypet said:

"Seminole County officials have brought up the possibility of extending SunRail to Orlando Sanford International Airport via an existing 4-mile freight spur. The Florida Department of Transportation has a contractual option to buy the spur from CSX for 30 years after 2007 for $10"  

If its the spur I think it is, then its the one that goes into Winter Springs and ends.  The one that connects to the Cross Seminole Trail into Oviedo.  Another leg of that same spur goes to downtown Sanford.

HUH?   I think you might be way off in the line you're referring to.  I think.


EDITED TO ADD: no, you're not, you're just taking it way way way way further than they need to go to SFB.  That line does eventually go to Winter Springs to the South and ends at a trailhead.


See below.  Existing SunRail in green.  Spur to SFB in red.



Sanford SunRail station circled in red.

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For $10 Sunrail gets land and tracks, but has to let CSX use them for deliveries still, and then gets to spend all the money to flatten curves, add positive train control, and upgrade the crossing signals.  Oh and I'm sure they're going to have to add quiet zones because people in Sanford would all of a sudden be annoyed by the horns and demand them.  CSX wins out on that one.

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I think it would be a good idea to purchase the track , however someone else speculated a couple of years earlier that the reason it hasn’t been purchased is because once u buy it u have to maintain the track. This increases operation costs. Thus probably Sunrail is waiting for the right moment.

Also once that track is purchased there are so many things u can do with it. 

1. Opens up the possibility of moving the existing Sanford station into it’s downtown.

2. Extend the line to UCF via 419 area. Which then opens up the possibility of new stations in Winter Springs, Oviedo and of course UCF.

3. Also u can expand from MCO northbound via an existing spur (which terminates somewhere in Avalon Park) and then build towards Winter Springs and connect to the SFB spur.  This creates the possibility of stops in Avalon Park, Lake Nona, UCF , Oviedo, Winter Springs and SFB.  Thus u would have both major airports directly connected via one line.

4. If they want to be more ambitious Daytona International airport can be connected if they continue building track northward from SFB . Then that opens up the possibility of more stations in Osteen, Deltona East, New Smyrna Beach and of course Daytona International airport. Can u imagine having all 3 major airports connected via one line? 

Speculating is fun. I’m sure it will cost a pretty penny!! 

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