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This will really and truly signify the END of commuter rail in Central Florida. Dockey and her evil band of trial lawyers will use this to fight in legislative item.


Death toll rises to 17 in commuter train wreck

'Blood was everywhere' after head-on collision; about 135 people injured

LOS ANGELES - Emergency crews found more victims early Saturday, boosting the death toll to 17, as they delicately picked apart the mangled wreckage of a commuter train that collided head-on with a freight train on the same track.....

haha no. There has been a lot of negotiating/talking about this project during the "off season." Dockery is trying to get what she wants out of it, which will likely be that it is named the "Paula Dockery Commuter Rail System." ;)

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^How many people die on I-4 every year?

I'm going to assume the question is rhetorical, the amount of people killed in traffic accidents in this country is really mind boggling. 40k per year I think, even with the recent reduction due to higher gas prices (which many are trying to 'fix')?

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Another baby step forward for commuter rail:


The Winter Haven Planning Commission has approved the new intermodal facility that will replace the one in Taft, allowing for CSX to reroute the freight trains. Next step is the Winter Haven City Commission.

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And with her sitting on the same committee, she should be close enough for someone to reach out & backhand her across the mouth everytime she opens it. :thumbsup:

Now I'd pay to see that.... :lol:


If true, a little more good news and Paula won't matter:

"Gov. Charlie Crist told the News Service of Florida on Monday that he'll take a more active role in pushing Central Florida's $1 billon-plus commuter rail project in the 2009 legislative session."

After Charlie Crists' $430,000 european trip at taxpayers expense...I am not so sure this helps. <_<

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Hey, don't blame me - I worked on the Davis campaign but I'll take help on commuter rail wherever it comes from :P

At least Charlie isn't selling any of our Senate seats....Its funny how we can't see past the liberal media stories and find some good, im glad he will be working on Commuter Rail...he is a good guy and he has the publics interest at heart, despite what the media would have you believe.

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I spoke with Mica's office recently. They are confident CRT will happen this time around at the next session; they beleive they'll resolve the liability issue. Here's the interesting thing... the plan is for the CRT to begin service offering 30 min. time intervals between trains at the stops. Tri-Rail started at 40 min.; they double-tracked and it dropped to 20 min. intervals.

they are pretty positive about it; they also see a big plus in that Obama's focus is also for improving infrastructure, which includes mass transit. The Fed has also started a program for HSR and will give $$$ to projects in what is identified as a HSR corridor- this happened back in October. CA has identified their corridor from SD to SAC, and DC-NYC-BOS as well. Ours I think is MIA-ORL-JAX/TAM. Mica was in Tampa talking about all of this recently- I think someone posted an article about the visit to Tampa.

Also, Lakeland had sues to keep the ILC from coming and recently dropped the suit.

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