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Day Laborers. Where may I hire them in Baton Rouge?


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Hello All,


I am looking to hire some day laborers for pretty generous pay but don't know where to find them.  In New Orleans it's at any Home Depot/Lowes (some more than others) but here I can't find any similar meeting spot between employers who need a single days work and those who really want and need this kind of work.


It's not even hard work.  I'm very sick and in between surgeries and am an avid gardener.  I just need a guy to do the 'heavy lifting,' or in this case digging, for a day.  Maybe two.  And no one's ever called me stingy, quite the opposite.  BUT WHERE ARE THEY?


Can you help me out?





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OP, never mind these guys, they don't know what they're talking about. Illegal? :rolleyes:


You can hire non-documented day labors as long as you pay them less than $600 in a calendar year. Once you pay an individual or crew chief more than $600 in a calendar year, you are required to, yes, have them fill out a W-9 and give it to you, with you filling out a 1099-MISC come January 2015. 


To quote: "Generally, any payment of $600 or more during a calendar year to an independent contractor should be reported to the payer on Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income, by January 31 of the following year."


http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-tege/public_employers_outreach_guide.pdf Page 3.


So, for your one-off job there is no legal issue with you going to the Home Depot on Coursey and Airline Hwy at 7am, picking up a couple of workers for $100/day, and working them that one day. It's when this becomes part of your business model, and you keep using the same people, that's when the IRS gets interested.


But for people looking for assistance on lawn work for a day or 2? That's why there's the $600 exemption.


For example, I'm looking for a team of people to deliver door hangers in Hammond, LA next Monday (3-17-14). I need a team leader and 5+ walkers to deliver 5,000 hangers. The job is a $750 job. I have two ways to do this:


1. If I pay the team leader, who then pays the walkers, I would need a W-9 from the team leader because I paid him more than $600 for the year ($725). I would also need to send him a 1099-MISC in January, 2015. He will not need to do the same for his walkers, unless he uses them again. 

2. If I contract out with the walkers individually, though - pay them $100 each for 1,000 hangers delivered, about 7 hours work - and the driver individually, I do not need to get a W-9 from any of them nor will I need to send out a 1099 in January 2015. Unless, of course, I do more work with these individuals throughout 2014 and they break that $600 barrier. 


It's always best to get the W-9 before any work, but in this situation you won't need one. 

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