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Residence Inn by Mariott @ Durham's Trinity Park


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It looks like this project is now back from the grave.  I was sitting at the light on Main Street today and for some reason I looked upward at the old McPherson Hospital building.  There was a huge hole in the roof and as I looked downward I noticed that half of the windows in the building were removed.  As I drove by, there were freshly hung signs with a rendering of a "Residence Inn by Mariott" and an "Opening Summer 2015" tagline.


I didn't get a really good look at the rendering driving by, but I think they might be saving part of it (the front half):


Source: http://www.moonliteconstruction.com/accesscode/236620/Addenda/Addenda/Addendum%20B/A5.1.pdf



You can see just how massive this project is by viewing one of the landscape plan sheets:


Source: http://www.moonliteconstruction.com/accesscode/236620/Addenda/Addenda/Addendum%20B/L1.2.pdf



If you'd like to dig into the numerous plans/sheets for this project, go here:



The 1_Narrative.pdf is basically the index for the huge assortment of pdf files in that directory.

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Drove by here yesterday and the building had a rough 2 foot cut down through it's entirety.  The roof on the front section, facing Main Street, had been removed and all interior walls braced.  The back 3/4 of the building is being slowly demolished as only the front 1/4 is going to be tied into the new structure.

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