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Mini Meets


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The second week after the main meet at the first of the month, we will have mini meets. Last time the group met in Germantown, and I missed that one, but I am willing to host the one on the east side this time.


After the meet, I can give a tour of 5th and Main, and we can all go to the observation deck out back to see an amazing sweeping view of the downtown skyline.


If I have to work, I will let you guys know, but it should be fine.


I spoke to Ron, and we will have a mini meet this Saturday at Bongo Java in East Nashville in Five Points at 10:30 am. Not the usual type of meet. We may just get coffee and walk around the area.


So far we have myself, Ron, WW, possibly Daniel, Kevin and maybe Brett?


Mods, please pin this topic under mini meets so people know where to find the info.









Please bring your cameras for some amazing photo opportunities!

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I thought Brett wouldn't be able to attend?


As far as I know, I should be available, but things can change. But I am fine with the location, and I will plan to go if possible.


Maybe we can meet up with Brett another time and do a mid-East Nashville tour.

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I should be available this weekend and ready for walking.  It will give me something to do now that I have stuffed and mailed 2450 letters for my neighborhood's Overlay.  Our three hearings take place later this month.  For me personally, Five Points is a tremendous yawn, but then again I drive through it twice a day.  I'm happy to join, though.  If you thought that my commentaries in Germantown were saucy, get ready! 


I really enjoyed the Germantown mini-meet, by the way. 

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