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Thinking of moving to Sacramento

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Mid 30s, 3 kids. Looking for good schools first and foremost. Our preliminary recon is pointing Northeast. Thoughts?

(Although this corner of UrbanPlanet appears to be a ghost town...?)

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Well it's got 26 views so someone is looking...


I'm moving from Charlotte NC and their Urbanplanet forum is quite active... was hoping to see some love on the Cali side!


Would love any responses at all. I actually have a step-sister who works at UC Davis so that is kinda cool. Haven't seen her much. Wife and I both love the coast but affording SFO might be a stretch... after all we left metro NYC for the cheap southern living. This will mark 8 years in Charlotte. Crazy! So we are very exvcited about moving. Want to get our kids out and experience a different flavor of the country.


So, what do ya like about Sacramento? Don't like? Advice for someone who has never been? What should we see if we come out for a weekend?

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