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Red Cedar Renaissance


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The largest project in the city of Lansing in decades, Red Cedar Renaissance is a multi-part, multi-phase development in the former Red Cedar Golf Course on Lansing's eastern most border with East Lansing. 


The project includes a $200 million dollar private investment, which will include building massive plinths to lift the developable land above the flood plain to build a hotel, market-rate apartments for students and young professionals, a medical facility, and retail and commerce space.


The other half of this project is $50 million from the city, county and state to reconstruction the Montgomery Drain, clean-up the drain and the soil, and build public improvements through and around the site to facilitate the development.  This project is federally mandated as the old drain is dumping in too much pollution to the nearby Red Cedar River.  Currently, the Montgomery Drain is covered over and diverted under the nearby Frandor Shopping Center, basically collecting its pollutions from its surface parking lots and piping it right to the river. 


The really interesting thing about this will be how they rebuild the drain.  They are working with the private developers, and this may make it so that it includes interesting water features in the development, which will filter and "step down" to the Red Cedar.




Here is  the website with some preliminary news and concepts for the site:



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