American Legion Memorial Stadium Renovation

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2 hours ago, CarolinaDaydreamin said:

I don't think being in Greenville would impact the team much, or Columbia if the teams facilities are on I-77. ATLUTD 2 have moved from Gwinnett to Kennesaw to have a soccer specific stadium, the distance to drive from Gwinnett, isn't too dissimilar to GSP/CLT. I think its important to expand the interest of the CLT team in SC too, and that has been a big focus Tepper has had.

At the end of the day NBA G league is right up the road in Greensboro, and I think that having GSP or Columbia make more sense if we get a MLS team. I really think the city and county dropped the ball on this one and i hope they aren't rewarded for their incompetence.

I just want to watch soccer at Memorial Stadium while the sun sets behind our gorgeous skyline... I almost don't care who is on the pitch!

I suppose we will see which path soccer in the U.S. follows, but I can't help but be impressed with the more centralized approach, like SKC has taken with their Academy, MLS Club, USL Club, and world-class $75M Pinnacle Development Center in the same city. Pinnacle is probably the finest soccer training facility in the U.S. (and one of the top in the world) and houses many of their teams with 5 training fields, two locker rooms, three classrooms, six break-out rooms, 13,000 square foot gym, Sports Performance lab with Neuropsychology Offices, Hyperbaric Chambers, Cryotherapy Lab, Environmental/Atmospheric Chamber, Accupower Force Plate (whatever that means), Hot and Cold Pools, Recovery Rooms, Massage Suite, Physician’s Clinic, on and on...

This is the competition a new Charlotte MLS team would face and the bar is only going to continue to raise. Showing first team, USL, and Academy prospects these type of facilities instead of some minor league facilities in Columbia would make a huge difference. Put the Panther's and all the soccer training facilities in South Carolina, if you like, but have the teams play at BoA and Memorial.

You should check out the Pinnacle Development Center gallery at the link below, it is stunning.

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