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Subdivisions - Are they on their way out?


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So, what are your thoughts on this?  From my anecdotal experience, it seems as though living in a subdivision is becoming more and more passe among the neuveau riche. Everyone seems to be either moving into existing housing stock in traditional neighborhoods or apartments and condos in built up areas.  Getting that cookie cutter house in a carved up farm 20 miles from where you work just no longer seems to appeal to nearly as many people in their late 30s, even as they begin obtaining actual income and look to start families.


I, and I imagine most people on this board, would say that this is a very good thing.  But is it true?  It certainly seems like it, but again, I have only my own anecdotal experience and interactions to look to.  I have looked around for some publishing on this, but I'm not turning up a lot.

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I think the proportion of new development in Nashville has increased on the urban/multifamily/inner city side quite a bit, but that makes sense given our size (and that we were generally behind the times in that regard). Still, plenty of subdivisions (both new and additional phases on existing) are in the works. 


I don't think subdivisions are on the way out. At least not yet. I would rather phrase it as urban development and living are on their way in.

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