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You guys can be a moderating pain in the rear


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Just want to let you guys know it is not easy for Daniel and myself to keep you in line. Neither one of us have banned anyone here and I really do not want to because we know most of you and we both realize your emotions can get the best of you or for that matter me or Daniel at times.

Just tone it down a little. I do realize politics and religion come up, but do not flame another one political, religious, lifestyle, or whatever makes us unique individuals. Most of you guys get along in person and we have had some rather fun exchanges at the meets.

There are a lot of new folks on here and we want to make everyone feel welcome. TONE it down, please. I am not going to single anyone person out, but you probably know who you are.

I am not a Monsoon type moderator that virtually destroyed the forum a few years ago and that is why I took on the responsibility.

I have met a lot of you, and consider you friends. Help me out here. We have to do this from time to time as we get new members and remind us old farts that have been here a while.

Play nice and here are the TOS for everyone to read over again.


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If you have issues, let me know. I try to be more than fair in abiding by the terms that Neo has setup for this site.


It's not a political pissing match.


It's about the built and to-be-built environment and all that makes that possible.


Leave the right-wing-left-wing stuff on... wherever you do that kind of thing.

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I, too, was banned by Monsoon when I defended a poster HE attacked.

For the rest of ya, I ain't got time ta read 48 pages of UT orange liberal tea hippies rural hemp huggers. They already made a movie about it - it's called Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

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I am guessing this is about the BRT getting canned thread? I signed on today hoping to read the discussion from last night only see the thread disappeared.  I def understand why lots of times topics get heated since we all have a passion for the city. It is also much easier to start a fight from behind a keyboard. Like all message boards I am on it seems like all heated debating ends with personal attacks, especially if people can find a way to weave polictics/religion into them. I could be wrong, but I doubt any dicussions at the monthly meets are very heated like they are on here? haha 


Side note, the old way the site was run sounds terrible after reading about this infamous Monsoon character. Glad to hear that lots have changed on here, because this site has become almost a daily stop for me.

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We really do want to be welcoming, informative, and a safe place for folks to come and get information and discuss all that is going on in Nashville and surrounding areas.


I am glad I found the site back in '05. This is a passion for me and a lot of you all and I know emotion can get involved when it is a passion. I understand, and know you guys have been at the meets have seen emotion get the best of us. But we still get along.


Thanks to all of you that are making this forum a success. We can make a difference. Remember, we have two members that are on the Mayors AMP committee. There are media people that post and read the site.  There are developers that read and post, not to mention people in the architectural community. There are real estate professionals and people in the banking community. Then there are amateurs like myself that just want the best for the city. We all have something to offer.


I just want what is best all parties involved.

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ha, this to is my badge of honor circa 2006... (to the newbies I am not anti-gay but Monsoon suspended almost everyone that had an original thought.)

Warning Details

Warning issued by monsoon for Other in Unknown
Given 1 points.
Suspended for 5 days

I am suspending you for making posts on this site that are designed specifically to piss off people. Specifically in that Gay thread. Come back to UrbanPlanet when you are actually serious about discussing urban issues.
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I understand all the crap that went on here because I was here. I know you get it Todd. I think the main thing here is to think a little before posting too. Sometimes the written word is so vague as there is not any way to measure what is trying to be relayed in a statement. Eye contact, body language, inflection all have ways of communicating an idea and if you are not standing next to someone or even talking to them on the phone, things can be highly misunderstood.


So, the same goes for reading the post. Be mindful this is sometimes not the intent of the writer to piss someone off and it ends up like that.


So my main word of advice to all, is to think before you post. If need be, use the private message service here to understand one another.

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