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Hike&bike camping- theoretical for state parks

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I'm not sure how many of you camp within the state parks, but if you do, you know the drill. Big RV's, loud generators, 20 something's partying out of their cars and making a mess. Long reservation lists. All pavement camp sites.

Having spent a few years in the Bay Area, CA, one of the things I fell in love with were the "bike&boot" only camping areas in the state parks. These were just like they sound. It was a seperate section of camp sites, fairly far away from the automobile campgrounds. They were totally natural, with no hookups and generators were prohibited. They were strictly reserved for those who chose to hike or bike into the state park and they were all on a first come,first serve basis. Currently, TN state parks have no such areas, but I would like to see them come to fruition.

Sure, you can go backpacking and achieve this, but you can't do it on a road bike tour and many hiking campers don't like being in absolute wilderness.

Any thoughts?

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Long Hunter State Park DOES have primitive campsites that can be reached only by hiking trails.  They are on the Percy Priest lakeshore and offer no electricity or water.  I have not camped there, but have hiked some of the trails on that side of the park.  It's beautiful.  Perhaps other parks offer such campsites that you are unaware of also?


edit...as I read your original post again, I realize that you are hoping for primitive campsites that can be reached by bike as well as backpacking.  I cannot contribute any information that will aid you with that issue.

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Go hit up Moustail Landing in Linden.  One of the best hidden parks in the system.  People on Yelp were actually complaining about the fact that their absurdly outsized RV wouldn't fit well in the sites.  I laughed.


One could theoretically park their car in, say, Buffalo (exit off of I-40), bike to Mousetail on back roads, camp, and bike back.

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