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Forgive me if these quesitons have already been answered...


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I checked the forum but could not see this answered.  Or, maybe I just don't know what I am looking for.


What was happening at the top of the Bank of America Building?  For nearly two months they have been working with the top of the building but I for the life of me cannot figure out what they are doing. 


Also, is it a hotel they are building right off of Academy near the bridge in front of the theatre/gas building?


Sorry if my questions are not well thought out.  I am new to this forum.  I have read a lot of the topics but didn't see these mentioned.

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Welcome to the Forum !!


The Bank of America Building is undergoing a number of alterations and renovations.  The work you asked about involves installing a continuous neon light or lights around the top of the entire building.


It has become common lately to include or add lighting to the taller and more prominent buildings downtown.   


The building under construction next to the Academy St. bridge will be apartments.  


There are plans to build a hotel NEXT to that building, which would face River Street.  It is currently a staging area for the apartments at the moment.   

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