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21c Museum Hotel, renovation, 7 stories, 124 rooms, Gray & Dudley restaurant, $22.5 million


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222 third ave north is the address listed.  I think the building goes all the way back to second ave north.

I wonder if they'll be able to make the 2nd Ave entrance the primary entrance? The 3rd Ave front door is directly across from parking garage with not a whole lot do street activation in the area. The 2nd Ave side much more welcoming.

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2 hours ago, markhollin said:

21c Museum Hotel adds notable investor to help with it's 3rd Avenue North Hotel conversion.


New render as well:



Good grief, our journalists don't even know the difference between Printers Alley and Bankers Alley.

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Had dinner with friends at Gray and Dudley's and it is a beautiful space with a very NY type vibe and look.  We were disappointed in the food and menu however.  It is fairly limited and one of the features are thin pork chops with bone and none of the three in our party were impressed or would order again.  I had shrimp and rice grits and it was ok but nothing great.  The drinks were good and they actually had $10 drinks but like way too many then add both sales tax and the liquor tax which means the printed menu price of $10 is more like $14.  I wish our metro council would mandate truthful pricing and not these hidden charges,  the Omni also does this.  

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21c Museum Hotel Nashville ranks among the nation's top hotels that opened in 2017, according to the readers of USA Today.

The boutique hotel, which is accompanied by a contemporary art museum and Gray & Dudley restaurant, claimed the sixth spot in the 2017 USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice travel awards in the Best New Hotel category, highlighting properties that opened in 2017.


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