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DOT is at it again


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So once again, it looks like the DOT is pushing a ridiculous, oversized, and pedestrian-hostile policy that has the effect of rerrcting a barrier between neighborhoods. These pedestrian overpasses are ridiculous and awful. I thought the DOT was trying to move beyond nonsense like this? For All DOT's talk about a neighborhood friendly redesign for the 84 viaduct and yet they are pushing the same nonsense down the throat of a neighborhood that clearly does not want it. Unbelievable.

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that link didnt work for me but I think you are talking Flower street am I right?



This is seemingly a trumped up issue if you ask me.


Flower street and Broad are not far apart, so shifting vehicle traffic 1 block is not an issue.  for pedestrians though its pretty dang far because these are epicly long blocks from North and South.


During the Marathon last year I volunteerd and they had us park in the new Aetna Garage... Walking from there to bushnel park was a damn nightmare, and this was entirely because Flower was closed.  Had flower been open, we would have avoided Asylum entirely and saved 5-10 minutes (at least it felt that long)


All of these issues can be fixed by the I-84 re-do, so I am very much against spending 12 million to build a 1000 foot ramp.  thats just crazyness


"mass transit" or not, the busway is designed to serve the city, therefore a simple at grade crossing for bikes and pedestrians should be the only answer.  save Millions upon millions upon millions


and then when they re-do i-84, reassess the entire area grid.



also, there should be a bike and pedestrian path from flower to Broad by way of the courant property adjacent to the train tracks


it seems as though this would give easy walkability to the Aetna folks to the park via the paths behuind the armory.


12 million could set up a sweet path from park to Aetna with lighting and a really nice safe at grade pedestrian crossing on flower

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