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Mystery Development?


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BidClerk has a project listed for Raleigh (Private sector) as Hotel/ Motel Office Parking Garage Retail Playgrounds/ Parks/ Athletic Fields Swimming Pools. The project is valued at $200,000,000. Anyone have any ideas of what this could be? I'm thinking of hotel prospects and I can't imagine the Residence Inn adjacent to the convention center will command that kind of price tag, plus it is already with parking deck. Perhaps this will be the site across from the L? Two hundred million still sounds rather pricey for 9 stories, unless it has been scaled up. If I recall correctly the total cost of the 16 story Marriott was $115 million, the PNC was $100 million, and Skyhouse is $60 million.  


More detail.  There is 18K sq ft. of commercial space, 32k sq ft. of ground floor retail, 576k sq ft.or office space and a parking garage.  So, I do not think this is Carolina Row.  

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I was thinking maybe this could be a scaled up version of the 2nd Charter Square tower, but it already has a parking deck. Maybe it's the old Greyhound station that Ted Reynolds just bought.


Any information where this is located? I'm not about to get my hopes up for some suburban megaproject, which is what it could easily be from the information you've posted.


A 626,000 sq ft tower in downtown would have to be around 36-40 floors.

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Greyhound is empty as of what...today?

Yeah. I think it was yesterday when they let the public in for tours of the new facility. I'm wondering if they could just use their plans for the hotel tower that was supposed to be between The Dawson and Holiday Inn. That was initially proposed as a 42+ story tower before it was scaled back numerous times. 

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I think its fairly obvious its a suburban project.  Playgrounds, athletic fields, parks, and swimming pools would be a tight fit in downtown.  Best case scenario I think we could realistically hope that this is for an urban project would be Centennial Campus' Village Center project.

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1 hour ago, InitialD said:

Whatever happened with their fight with DOT how the 440 interchange redesign was going to take around 20% of their land?


3 hours ago, rancenc said:

Not a mystery since it is public except for cost, but Meredith College is adding to their campus.



So depending on how this plays out, this could be fairly deliberate on Meredith's part to get the NCDOT to back off.  In the below alternative map, the big sideways T building at the bottom-middle (right of "MEREDITH COLLEGE" ) is Weatherspoon.  If they plan to stick the new building in that field space between it and 440, things could get interesting between the DOT and Meredith.  The TBJ article says it'll be in the northwest of campus, but that could be in a few places.  Could also go to the right of that parking lot next to Weatherspoon or further up where that big "C" is, dunno.


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