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New Hotels in/around Uptown


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4 minutes ago, KJHburg said:

Westin to renovate all its rooms thus making it a new again.  Adding some meeting space inside 615 South College building too.   Probably a good idea with lots of competition coming up with a JW Marriott, Bohemian and eventually an Intercontinental and Moxy. 


will that big tan thing around the hotel and that office building get some type of update because I've always thought it looked so 1990's. Needs a nice coat of a different color paint or change of shape.

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2 hours ago, KJHburg said:

Westin to renovate all its rooms thus making it a new again.  

This was so much needed. I've stayed here recently and the rooms show a lot of wear, deservingly so as this hotel is basically our convention hotel and serves a lot of guests. One thing I wish the Westin would do is to create a better street presence along stonewall. With all the new stuff along stonewall, that long stretch of Westin is blah and uninviting. I think if they were to make a separate/dedicated entrance on the (stonewall) side for their JP Charlotte resturant and integrate their patio space to be more engaging on the street level. There is also a stretch of space with benches along the westin that is very dull imo (seems like a smoking area). They could expand their patio with that area. Just a thought, but extremely happy to hear about the renovations. 

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I don't remember the rooms at all from my last stay at the Westin. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. However I do remember the giant awkward emptiness of staircases and corridors leading to the blue line station. There were a bunch of random dead ends and no life there. Just plain concrete and metal.

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I knew Charlie Kinard who was the owner of record, if not intent, of the then-James Lee Motor Inn. This sanitized description gives a feeling for Mr Kinard and his attitude:


Kinard lived in an imposing house at 601 Kingston and there was a fire (of course) and rather than repair and repaint the exterior damage he had it sandblasted to remove scorch and soot and left it unpainted. That sort of neighbor. 

Someone with flair and a few properties and the desire to use bank money to take an interest in struggling properties was able to do so at that time for what now seems to be an astounding small amount of cash. Nerve and negligence make interesting partners.

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1 hour ago, KJHburg said:

Hilton announced a new brand Tempo by Hilton and from what I see they look for urban locations.   Charlotte is on the list for one of the first ones somewhere.

Legacy?  Vantage Southend?  North Tryon St? dare I say Levine 



That looks a lot like the new Kimpton Arras hotel in Asheville (the reskinned old BB&T building).  I like it.  Glad we’re getting one. 

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13 hours ago, dylansukkert said:

Please be the one that’s abandoned at stonewall behind the Francis. Tired of looking at that  

That area is such a bad spot in my opinion.  I think that lot is too complicated for what they were trying to achieve. Like why try to build two hotels on that oh so not appealing area. The  entryway and garage for that whole development seems so tacky and not coordinated. It would have been better as one hotel with its own parking above or underground. 

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2 hours ago, KJHburg said:

The new hotel and existing Home2Suites share the parking garage with the apartments and the Whole Foods.  This location is across from the Convention Center and yes it is 2 hotels but no one wanted to buy the land for one larger hotel.  I am not complaining this is prominent entrance to uptown Charlotte that was abandoned so something needs to go up there. 

I agree something needs to be there. I just wish that they planned it out better. Even for what's on this lot now is not that impressive as far as the layout. The apartments and WholeFoods are great additions but I wish it flowed better and didn't look so tacky. 

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