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Human Services building addition


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The Buncombe County capital plan calls for building a 49,000sf addition to the Human Services building and a 650 space parking deckadjacent to the Human Services building next year.

The astute among you will note that this was proposed before, in 2008, but postponed for whatever reason.

Chances are the design will be pretty much the same as it was back then considering that the specs are almost exactly the same.

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And this project has been delayed again.  Obviously the high cost is a big hurdle.  Staff was directed to look at other alternatives including selling the site to a private developer and relocating the services out of downtown to a large site.  Might be hard to do that since many of the clients rely on public transportation.

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Buncombe County is proposing a new building next to its current social services building (the former Sears building) on Coxe Ave. The proposal is not new - pretty much the same exact proposal was considered and eventually postponed in 2008 due to the economic downturn. The design seems to be pretty much the same now, except that the building is now planned to be 7 stories tall instead of 6.


The proposal also includes a 650 space parking deck, which may seem huge, but consider this: the county already leases several nearby lots for parking. In addition to the money saved ($130,000 per year, evidently) when the county ends these leases due to the new parking deck, then the owners will lose a big, reliable revenue stream, and then be more likely to consider redevelopment.


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