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Hey all. I wanted to start a thread for those of us who have, or spend time with people who have kids in the area. I think there are probably a lot of hidden gems that we are missing for family fun, events, places, etc. I know the Amazeum is coming and the new Bentonville Family Center. I am hoping this can be a go-to place for "What can we do this weekend?"

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-Trails around and north of the Crystal Bridges Museum (Lots of nice places to have a picnic. If you need I might be able to select a few on google maps). 


- Kids section inside the Crystal Bridges Museum


- The Walton Museum. VERY cheap but good ice-cream/coffee... Then you can go hang out on the Bentonville square. There is also the Dave Peel Park there with a small playground.


- Splash Park right off of the Bentonville Square. They also sell crepes and some other food across the street. It's and Ice-Skating rink in the winter.


- The Bella Vista lake and Lake Atlanta in Rogers have ducks you can feed. Great entertainment for kids since they will chase the kids (or is that entertainment for adults...)


- The Jones Center in Springdale. Pool, basketball, ice-skating...


- Farmers Market on Saturday Mornings in the Summer - Fayetteville, Bentonville, Rogers.


- First Thursday in Fayetteville. First Friday in Bentonville. Big parties on the first Thursdays/Friday of the month in the evening on the squares of the respective towns. 


- The Naturals baseball team in Springdale has a Kids nights now and then. Have yet to go but sounds interesting (assuming I would be able to handle all of the kids in one little sections)


-Jump Zone in Bentonville just south of the High School. They have the large air up slides and play areas inside a building. My kids love it. 


- Tons of Parks along creeks in most of the towns. Kids can swing then play in the water then back to swinging. Wilson Park in Fayetteville and Horsebarn Trailhead Park in Rogers/Bentonville are our two big ones. 


There is a small list. Silly kids, guess they run my life a little more than I had thought. If I messed up any info just let me know so I can edit post. Your also welcome to copy this or parts of to the top if it is warranted.

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The latest scuttlebutt from up Silver Dollar City way is the the first of two major coasters by 2020 will be announced this summer. Some of this apparently involves losing the current amp location and rebuilding it at a different location. The new amp will be larger and host far more shows outside of their regular production show (namebrand concerts for example) and have a separate entrance and exit for those just going there. They'll be some minor ride relocations for all of this as well. Bottom Line, SDC is about to see some major investment and a lot of that has to do with it's healthy and growing local draw.

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Silver Dollar city got around to announcing that coaster. The work on it started in 2016 but it wasn't official till this past week. 26 million bucks worth.

One down, supposed another to go. I bet they put something else in between the the next coaster though.

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