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Two way conversions in downtown Raleigh


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The N&O is reporting today that in in addition to completing the two-way conversion of Lenoir and South, Jones and Lane are funded as well.

The article also mentions that basically every street except Dawson and McDowell are on the table being considered for two-way conversion, even New Bern and Edenton.

My unscientific guess is that Edenton could be converted west of McDowell (adding a new stoplight at Harrington and eliminating the diagonal connection to Hillsborough), and the Morgan conversion could be extended one block further east to McDowell. But instead of two-waying New Bern and Edenton through Oakwood, just add more stoplights. Right now it's a race track between Tarboro and East. They could toss up lights at Seawell, Idlewild, and State with little impact to traffic since it's a one way pair.

We also know Blount and Person are up for conversion, and I think this will likely happen, but it will take a while.

That leaves Wilmington and Salisbury. I don't see a pressing need to convert them, although it might work. If I could be King for a Day, I would keep the one way pair and actually extend Halifax up to Wade. This might take enough traffic off of Capital to allow the Peace Street interchange to be converted to an intersection instead.

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Would take a substantial bridge to connect Wade and Halifax across the railroad tracks, and it would have to be rationalized with the SEHSR plan. But I doubt the homeowners in the vicinity of Halifax would want the additional traffic.

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