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A Lansing Sunset (5-24-2005)

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Not much to explain besides that I like taking pictures as you guys are far too well aware of now. I like how most of these one's turned out; even some of the ones shot against the sun with harsh shadows.

Below Michigan Avenue Bridge


Michigan HofJ/Supreme Court


An odd angle (the only kind of angles you can get) of the Michigan Veteran's Memorial.


(what it looks like at night)


Michigan Capitol Mall


The Lansing Towers, which needs a serious paint job


Massive State Library and Historical Center


Old and New


Just plain old


Auto-Owner's Insurance Building-turned-Grady Porter Courts Building


Harsh lighting for 101


Phoenix Building on the failed Washington Square Mall with a messy outdoor bulletin board



Shiawassee Bridge looking north...








The River Trail cutting through the eastern half of Adado Riverfront Park - Lansing's downtown event park


The Docks in Summer


Lastly, one of those cheesy historic markers


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Guest Lmich

Wolverine, there is a 90+ story atrium that disects the building. It's very spacious. We went there on a class trip when I was smaller, and for a museum it's really awesome.

I've never been in the library half of it, though.

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lmichigan --

What is your opinion on taking out the North Lansing dam and fish ladder?

Would it make the riverfront better, or lessinteresting?

What are the objections to letting the Grand River revert to a more natural state?

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My opinion for taking out the North Lansing damn and Brenke Fish Ladder is this:

It would make fishing better, but not significantly. That is the only good thing that could come out of this. Other than that, I'm in complete objection to removing it. It would lower the Grand 4 feet between just south of downtown to the damn which would make many of the boat launches in between useless. It would make the river look smaller and everything built up or into the river would now lie too far back to make it worth anything, anymore.

The damn has been there for over 100 years and the city formed around the river after that so everything is built to how the river was after the damn was built.

It would be one big mess and disaster. And this is not even to mention how the damn and the ladder are North Lansing landmarks.

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