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Tell Me Again What This Is?


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Grand Rapids Michigan, where 9K await Section 8.


I did some digging, because that number sounded high, but that's pretty average. 121,000 FAMILIES are on Section 8 waiting lists in New York City, and over 615,000 people in New York live in public housing/section 8 housing. About 7.4% of New York City's population. 7.4% of GR's population would be about 14,000 people.




My guess is that Grand Rapids' supply of section 8 available housing is way lower than the demand, probably because of a lack of places to put it. Hence the 9000 waiting list.

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Just 570 on the Lansing waiting list.  Population is roughly 114,000.  




(page 38)

Maybe Lansing has more "supply" of public housing. Plus our metro area is at least twice as large. My guess is there are people from outside the GR area who are on GRs waiting list.

How many people in Lansing live in public housing.

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